New Patient - Information

How is the skin examined?

Please see our Skin Check Services page for details.

Do I need a referral from a GP to get my skin checked?

No, you do not need a referral to attend our clinics.

Can I book via the phone?

From 18th January 2023 until further notice, new patients can only make their appointments online. Staff will NOT be able to book appointments for new patients via the phone due to increased workload to service our existing patients.

Can I wear makeup or fake tan before an appointment?

Any make-up, foundation or fake tan can decrease the accuracy of the examination. Plain moisturiser, is generally acceptable. And also please remove nail polish before going to your appointment.

Is it safe for a skin check if I am pregnant?

Yes, for we do not use any devices that pose a risk to the pregnancy. If surgery is required, the doctor will have a detailed discussion with you, about the pros and cons of delaying the procedure.

I am scared of needles

This is a very common scenario and frankly, no one likes having injections. You will be glad to know that we have developed techniques and use special local anaesthetic mixtures that cause reduced discomfort. For a biopsy, it is equivalent to a flu vaccination. Let us know if you have had a bad experience with procedures previously. Our staff will take extra care of you.

What happens if skin cancer is found?

Once the biopsy confirms our suspicion of skin cancer, then we will provide you with all the treatment options. Often simpler treatments such as curettage and topical medication cream are suitable to treat early superficial skin cancers. If surgery is required, you can choose to have it performed at our procedure rooms on-site.

Can I just come in for a skin cancer procedure without a check?

We do not perform procedures without our doctors having examined the person or the lesion thoroughly. A significant percentage of patients with what they thought was a single skin cancer actually have more cancers or other pre-cancerous spots requiring attention. Alternatively some lesions are deemed benign after examination and do not require removal.

I have been asked to come in to have a lesion removed by my GP

If you are a new patient, please book a Full Check or Spot Check appointment as the first appointment. We do not organise or perform procedures for patients without an initial assessment.

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Appointment Availability

Are appointments available?

Our phone app and booking webpages show the latest availability, linked real-time to our medical appointment software.

Do earlier appointments become available?

Yes, everyday there are cancellation and changes to appointments. They become immediately available on our website.
Is there a cancellation/waiting list?

Everyday there are cancellation and changes to appointments. They become immediately available on our website. We do not keep a separate cancellation list due to the fast moving, fluid nature of the changes.

I used to see a doctor at a particular clinic. He/she does not seem to be available at that clinic on the app/booking pages?

Our doctors do move between clinics from time to time. The information on the app and booking pages are the most up-to-date for where they practise.
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How to Book Appointments

Is it the same booking an appointment online versus on the phone?

Booking via our Skin Check WA app/HotDoc app or on our online booking pages is superior. Once linked, your HotDoc profile will allow the display of all your appointments with us on your app.

Booking on the phone does not allow us to link the HotDoc profile to your appointments.

We strongly encourage using the app or our online booking webpages using your HotDoc user profile.
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Search and Book Appointments Directly on the App
What Appointment To Book
What is the difference between a Full Check apppointment and a Spot Check appointment?

A Full Check(head to toe) appointment is what we recommend for every patient. It is the appointment for a annual checkup.

A Spot Check (1-2 spots) is for times during the year where a new change is noticed and you only require us to examine 1-2 spots.

Please visit Skin Check Services for more explanation.
I have had a check at work and they have recommended I attend a clinic to check a particular spot?

In this case you have already had a "head-to-toe" Full Check, you should make a Spot Check appointment where we specifically examine 1-2 spots very closely.

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When to have a Skin Check

How often should I have a skin check?

If you have grown up in Australia or have been exposed to excessive UV over the years, ideally you should have your skin checked yearly.

Should I have my skin checked in winter?

Skin Cancers occur any time of the year but we are less inclined to check our own skin in the colder months. Therefore there is a higher chance of fast-growing cancers being not noticed until summer. Therefore winter is actually a preferred time for a professional assessment. If sun damage is found, autumn and winter are also the preferred time for specialised skin repair treatment where sun-avoidance is more practical.
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Changing Appointments

How do I change my appointment?

Our appointment system is managed online via HotDoc.

Provided you have linked your HotDoc profile with our system via an appointment booked online, you will have enhanced ability on the app, to reschedule and cancel appointments.

There are some clinically important appointments such as procedures and followup of results where the app will not automatically allow cancellation. Visit Contact Us to make changes to those appointments

Here is also a HotDoc help article on changing an appointment via the app or webportal.
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My Appointments

If you have linked your HotDoc profile with your system via an earlier online booking, your appointments will be visible on your HotDoc profile on the app or HotDoc online

Here is a HotDoc Help article on viewing your appointments.

If your profile is not yet linked and you wish to check your appointment times, Contact Us here.
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Appointment Reminders

Do I receive a reminder before my appointment?

You will receive a SMS reminder 3 days prior to the appointment. You will need to reply with a YES to confirm.

If the system receives no response it will contact you by phone to confirm the appointment.

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Services Offered

Do we remove skin tag, haemangioma, lipomas, cysts and other cosmetic concerns?

Our focus is on skin cancer detection and treatment and repair of sun damaged skin.

If you are seeking a new clinic and the primary concern is more cosmetic in nature, is NOT related to sun damage, skin cancer detection or treatment, we are most likely not the best clinic for your concern.

If you are already attending for your skin checks and skin cancer care, we suggest discussing your concern at the time with your doctor, we will be able to provide additional advice.

Do we perform biopsies?

Yes, our doctors are skilled and experienced to perform biopsies on suspicious lesions in more than 99% of situations. There are some special anatomical sites where we may refer the procedure onwards. (eg. edge of eyelids)

Do we perform biopsies on birthmarks that has changed shape/texture/size?

Yes, we perform biopsies on birthmarks that show suspicious features.

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Services NOT Offered

I have an itch rash. Do we treat itchy rash?

We are a skin cancer service with focus on skin conditions from excessive sun exposure. For general skin conditions and rashes, please first consult your GP.
A dermatology appointment may be more appropriate for rashes.

My cosmetic clinic has asked me to get a "clearance" so they can do cosmetic treatments on my moles. Can I get such a document?

We do not provide clearance for other practitioners to perform cosmetic treatments, such as laser or IPL treatments of pigmentation.
We believe that if a cosmetic therapist is not able to assess untreated skin for skin cancer or pre-cancerous changes BEFORE treatment, they will not be able to safely monitor and assess changes in your skin AFTER such treatment.
Having experience and skills to deal with changes arising from such treatment is an absolute necessity for safe cosmetic treatments.
We are therefore unable to condone or be associated with unsafe practices.
Please do not request such clearances as refusal may offend.

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Fees and Costs

What is the cost of a skin check?

See our fees page for details.

I have a concession card. Are skin check appointments / procedures "bulk billed"?

See our fees page for details.

If you belong in one of the categories that we offer bulk billing consultation for, you will also be bulk billed for procedures.

For a pensioner concession card to be accepted, you need to be at or above the pension age. (aged 66 or above as at 2022)

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Non Medicare Patient

I am not covered by Medicare (eg. overseas visitors).

Refer to our Non-Medicare Patient Information

I have BUPA / Medibank private health fund cover. Do I get a rebate from the health fund? 

If your health fund covers your normal GP visits, then it will normally provide some cover.

You will need to pay upfront and claim back directly from your fund. Their rebates may be different from Medicare.

Please note that there will be costs from the pathology company if a biopsy or procedure is required.

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Country, Regional or Overseas Patients

If you normally reside away from Perth. There are special considerations prior to attending and especially if a biopsy test may be performed.

Any abnormal test result will require a consultation with our doctor either face-to-face or via Telehealth, prior to us being able to release the result.

Therefore please think ahead of your preference prior to attending.

Can we forward the abnormal result to my local doctor for further treatment? 

We are unable to assume your local doctor is willing to take over care of an abnormal result unless we receive a written consent from your doctor.

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Do we perform biopsy on a suspicious lesion or advocate the larger "whole lesion" removal?

A "biopsy" is a partial sampling of a lesion.

A "whole lesion" removal will always provide the most accurate diagnosis. It is generally a larger procedure compared to a partial biopsy.

Where possible we perform biopsies to confirm the malignant nature of a lesion prior to recommending a larger definitive removal.

We will recommend a "whole lesion" removal if we are quite certain it is warranted or where the alternative smaller biopsy is inferior.

A partial biopsy may be inferior if the microscopic structures of the lesion are not evenly distributed. It means we cannot rely on the partial sampling as representative of the larger lesion.

Skin cancers such as BCCs generally have even composition while a melanoma may not.

Our doctors using clinical information, dermoscopic findings and clinical experience will recommend the most appropriate approach.

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Biopsy and Results Process

What happens after a biopsy? When do I get the results?

Please visit our Biopsy and Result Process page for further explanation.

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SMS Messages

I have received a SMS message asking me to confirm attendance to an appointment. Is it necessary?

Yes, our medical software appointments are integrated with HotDoc booking and their appointment reminder system. It is necessary to confirm your appointment via the SMS. Non-confirmation implies non-attendance and will lead to cancellation of the appointment.

I have received a SMS message similar to this. Is this geniune?

Yes, our system is linked with HotDoc, a secure appointment and health messaging system. Messages are sent via a link which takes you to a page on
There you will need to enter your last name and DOB to access the personal health information sent by the system.

The link will contain either,, or

The fastest and most accurate way to access the message is via the link and the HotDoc portal. While our receptionists may be able to track the origins of the messages, they may not be able to provide the actual contents as some are created and sent by the software system.

Therefore the best way to access the message is via the secure login below.

Login screen on our HotDoc secure messaging system:

Messages sent from our HotDoc software looks like this below:
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