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Some of our staff comments
“It’s like starting your morning with a big warm hug from a loved one. A big supportive and encouraging SCWA family.”

“SCWA is like coming home to your ‘safe place’, where others accept you without judgement, and lift you up. That reassure you that it is ok to be human; to have a bad day or make mistakes, and support you to overcome any adversity. SCWA is a family; one that truly cares for you and inspires you be the best version of yourself – and that values you not just for what you do, but for who you are.”

“Family vibes – more than happy to help each other out in a heartbeat.”

“It’s an amazing opportunity to work at SCWA, it really is like a home away from home because EVERYONE that works there is so supportive and caring. Everyday is different and there are endless opportunities to use your talents and learn new skills, have meaningful interactions with patients and staff on a daily basis. I can’t imagine NOT working at SCWA!"

“If you’re looking for a workplace that is incredibly supportive, caring and allows you to have a work/life balance then SkinCheckWA is the place for you. I have absolutely loved my time here and couldn’t imagine myself working anywhere else.”

“A fun, pleasant, calm & welcoming team environment. Professional people, who are friendly & inviting, and willing to help you grow & develop within your job role & personal growth.”

“Working at SCWA has to be one of the best companies I’ve ever worked for, the bosses are easy to talk to and the staff are friendly.”

“Working at Skin Check WA is like working with family. When you work with a team that have shared goals and support each other, amazing things happen. Our patients and staff members are at the core of our values and while we take our work and the care we provide very seriously, we love to have fun and make our work environment a genuinely nice place to go every day. We welcome new members and patients with open arms and hope to see you join the “family” soon!”

“Working as SCWA has been one of the best professional decisions of my life. At SCWA you are never short of friends, laughter, a sense of family and opportunities to grow”