What is Dermoscopy
Dermoscopy utilises an unique imaging system to “see through” the top layer of skin, to assess what is happening to skin cells below. It uses specific algorithms to determine the position of cells and structures within individual layers of the skin. By studying the patterns we can detect early abnormal activity and therefore lead to early skin cancer diagnosis.

Patients are often amazed by the small size of the skin cancer detected using dermoscopy, and obviously relieved to find their skin cancers cured at a very early stage.

 How Do We Diagnose Early Skin Cancers with Dermoscopy?

All Skin Check WA doctors are trained in dermoscopy, which has now become the world standard in early skin cancer diagnosis.

This is a rapidly advancing field, which allows earlier and more accurate diagnosis of skin cancers. At Skin Check WA, we have taken dermoscopy to the next level. With the use of cutting edge technology, we have redesigned our equipment from the ground up, adding high resolution imaging to utilise the full potential of dermoscopy. This has led to the development of our dermoscopy micro-diagnosis system – which detects some skin cancers down to 2mm diameter, where the changes are often not obvious otherwise.

Skin Cancers Under The Eyes of Dermoscopy 
How early skin cancers look under our dermoscopy