Mole Removal
Raised Moles or Flat Moles? 
  • Raised moles may be suitable for a shave technique in flattening their appearance.
  • Flat moles require surgical excision and suturing for removal.
 Raised Moles 
  • Raised moles and skin tags commonly develop on the face, neck and back.
  • Those on the neck and trunk can cause discomfort when caught by clothing or jewellery.
  • They can become inflamed when repeatedly rubbed during sporting activity.
  • Those on the face can get nicked and bleed during shaving. 
  • Sometimes they just get irritated for no apparent reason.
 Raised Moles Removal at Skin Check WA 
  • In the past, removal of such raised moles required surgery and suturing, leaving behind a more obvious linear surgical scar.
  • These raised moles can now be performed with a suture-less procedure. Please note that all moles must be checked and confirmed to be benign.
  • We only offer this additional service to our patients who have had their regular skin checks and are deemed to have no skin cancer or suspicious lesions, as our primary focus remains the safety and health of our patients from skin cancer perspective. 

 Some examples of raised mole which were subsequently removal by our doctors trained in this technique. 
A raised mole on the cheek
A raised mole on the nose
A raised lesion on the neck
A raised lesion on the nose
A raised mole that bled with shaving
A raised mole on the nose
We are unable to show the after treatment pictures on a public website due to Medical Board's general rules regarding before and after photos.

If you are one of our patients and are interested in this service, let us know via Contact Us and we will forward you the additional information.
 Flat Moles 
Flat moles require traditional surgical techniques where we have to incise into the skin, remove a portion of the skin, and suture the two sides back together. Whilst we perform mole removal at our clinics every day for skin cancer reasons, we do not perform removal of flat moles at Skin Check WA for cosmetic reasons.