About Us
Skin Check WA was formed with a vision of bringing together a group of doctors, with a passion for helping West Australians detect skin cancer early, so as to reduce the impact that skin cancer can have on the individual, and their family.

We are all aware that the best way to avoid the serious consequences of skin cancer, is to prevent sun damage in the first place, through the use of sunscreens, clothing, broad brimmed hats and avoiding the sun where possible, especially during the worst parts of the day. However, if damage to the skin has occurred, the next step to avoid the consequences of skin cancer, is through early detection and prompt treatment – before it has a chance to spread.

Back in the early 2000’s, a different method for early skin cancer diagnosis was being used by doctors around the world, with great success. It was fast, non-invasive and accurate. It was a technique called dermoscopy.
The principal doctors of Skin Check WA were quick to embrace this new technique. Not only was it useful for detecting early skin cancers, it also allowed doctors to assess moles with greater accuracy, therefore avoiding unnecessary surgery of non-cancerous moles.

In the ensuing years, Skin Check WA doctors gained more knowledge in dermoscopy.  Its benefits in early skin cancer detection became clear, and dermoscopy is now considered the world standard for early skin cancer diagnosis.

The principal doctors at Skin Check WA have been working full time in early detection and treatment of skin cancers following this technique.

Through over a decade of experience, using high resolution imaging equipment, they have recorded and documented thousands of early skin cancer cases. This has now formed one of the largest database of early skin cancer images in West Australians.

This database provides invaluable assistance to our doctors and patients, who are able to benefit from this unique resource.

No moles or skin cancers are ever identical, and no doctor has ever “seen it all”.  At Skin Check WA, our doctors have instant access to this extensive database of early skin cancers, and by working as a team, we hope to provide our patients with the highest standard of care.

In November 2013, we also became the first WAGPET* accredited Skin Cancer Service to host and teach qualified doctors in skin cancer medicine.

Most importantly, Skin Check WA remains committed to our mission – to detect and treat early skin cancers in West Australians.