Skin Cancer Treatments
Our Skin Cancer Treatments 
Skin Check WA Doctors are trained to treat most skin cancers, using surgical and non-surgical techniques.

Just Been Diagnosed With a Skin Cancer?

    Our principal doctors explain how to approach the journey

      Non-Surgical Treatments 
      • Many non-surgical options are available
      • Our first choice generally for skin cancers that are diagnosed early and not a serious type
      • Over half of early skin cancers diagnosed are treated this way at our clinics
      Surgical Treatments 
      • We recommend surgery where
        • the skin cancer has reached a certain level of depth, or
        • the risk of any residual or recurrence of skin cancer is unacceptably high.
      • Some cancers are always treated with surgery for their high risk to cause harm.

      Needing Skin Cancer Surgery?

        Our principal doctors explain how skin cancer surgery is performed at our clinics

          Recovery And Care After Skin Cancer Surgery

            Our nurses explain the recovery process and answer some FAQs

              Advanced Surgery
              Generally, Skin Check WA skin cancer clinic doctors are able to manage most skin cancer cases onsite.

              We do not perform complex surgery requiring general anaesthesia, cases requiring complex surgery, or with prolonged surgery time.
              Skin Check WA doctors will co-ordinate your care with specialist dermatologists and plastic surgeons that have a special interest in skin cancer treatment.