Just been diagnosed with a skin cancer?

Skin Check WA Doctors are trained to treat most skin cancers, using surgical and non-surgical techniques.

We have made this video to explain how we approach treatment at Skin Check WA.

Surgical Treatment

We understand you may be naturally anxious if you require skin cancer surgery. Our goal at Skin Check WA is to provide top level care in your skin cancer treatment. We use techniques and materials to minimise scarring and to optimise your comfort.

These are some of the extra steps we take:

1. In the top and lower layers of skin, wounds are closed separately.

2. To provide strength and improve long term scar appearance, dissolvable sutures are used in the lower layer as internal stitches.

3. To reduce pain, local anaesthetic is pH balanced before use.

4. To reduce risk of bleeding, time is spent with electrocautery to seal blood vessels.

About to have skin cancer surgery?

If you are expecting to have a surgical procedure at one of our clinics, the video below covers some of the frequently asked questions from our patients.

Referral to Specialist

If the skin cancer is already advanced when diagnosed, the doctor will co-ordinate your care with specialist dermatologists and/or plastic surgeons with a special interest in skin cancer.