Skin Checks

  • Our fees for a full skin check are capped at an “out-of-pocket” cost of $80.  (current as of 1/1/2021)
  • Most full check appointments are around 20 minutes, depending on the level of sun exposure to the skin, and a number of moles and freckles, and lesions of concerns.
  • The cost on the day may vary between $118 to $155 before the Medicare rebate is applied. After the rebate, the cost is capped at $80.
  • Saturday appointments will incur an additional $15 surcharge on the above-quoted costs.
  • Instant Medicare rebate refund is available.
  • Concessions apply to those on the aged pension, Commonwealth Senior Health cards holders, and Veterans. They are bulk billed.
  • Normal private fees apply for holders of Health Care Cards, State Senior Cards, Disability Pensioner Cards, and other concession cards.


  • No additional out-of-pocket fees apply for simple punch or shave biopsies performed at a skin check consultation.
  • Other surgical procedures are performed in dedicated procedural appointments. Refer to Procedures and Skin Cancer Surgery below.

Procedures and Skin Cancer Surgery

  • These are performed in dedicated procedural sessions.
  • Out of pocket fees apply except aged pensioners above 65, Commonwealth Senior Health cards holders and Veterans.
  • Fees range from approximately $150 to $400 depending on the location, size and complexity of the lesion. The fee will be quoted prior to the procedure.

Appointments To Discuss Results

  • These short appointments are bulk-billed. Please note we generally allow 5-6 minutes to provide with the necessary information and advice. Extended consultations at your request may incur additional fees.
  • Private fees apply when further management is involved such as prescriptions and referrals.

Appointments To Review Topical Treatments ( eg. Efudix, Aldara)

  • These appointments are bulk-billed when no other service is involved.

Dressing Change After Procedures

  • These will be free or bulk-billed.

Saturday Appointments

  • A $15 surcharge applies
  • Concessions do not apply. All appointments are privately billed.

Telehealth Appointments

  • Telehealth appointments are only applicable for discussing results and reviewing treatments.
  • The same applicable charges apply as per face-to-face appointments. See above for results discussion and topical cream treatment reviews.
  • Those vulnerable of Covid-19 will be bulk-billed.
  • Please note Telehealth appointments are not available on Saturdays.

Patients without Medicare

  • Please advise our staff and doctors as fees vary depending on the services provided.
  • Additional costs from pathology companies will apply without Medicare.
  • As some of the fees are not within our control, please ensure these have been explained to your satisfaction prior to your appointment.