Non Medicare Patients 
  •  There are some important facts to know before attending for consultation and/or treatment.
  • Medicare is a central part of health care funding in Australia.
  • Majority of quoted health costs and fees in Australia assume Medicare eligbility.
  • A non-Medicare patient will be charged the equivalent consultation fees as for a Medicare patient. Additional fees that for a Medicare patient would be normally covered by Medicare would be separately billed.
  • These fees that are normally charged directly to Medicare may include
    • Cryotherapy (freezing)
    • Any minor procedures including biopsy or injections
    • Any excisions
    • They will be instead be billed priviately to the Non-Medicare patient.

What to Allow For
Our Fees
  • Consultation fees will be the same as for a Medicare patient
  • Any additional services such as freezing or biopsy will be charged to the patient instead to Medicare.
  • We are unable to provide an estimate or quote for an excision until after the consultation.
  • Fees need to paid in full at the end of the consultation or procedure. A receipt will be provided for your claim.
Pathology Fees
  • Allow $300 - $400 for fees charged by the pathology company if a biopsy or excision is done. 
  • We do not have control over the fees charged by a pathology company. They invoice the patient independently
A guide of What to Expect
  • Consultation only without any other services - as per our normal fees
  • Additional services such as cryotherapy and biopsy - additional $50-$100 plus pathology fee if biopsy.
  • Procedure / Excision - $500 - $800 plus pathology fee

Health Funds
  • Most eligible Australian based health fund will provide partial cover of the consultaton and treatment fees. However we are unable to verify each type of cover.
  • We are unable to provide quotation prior to a visit.
  • To assist you in making your own enquiry, these are some useful item numbers to quote
    • consultation - item 23 or 36
    • biopsy - item 30071
    • cryotherapy - item 30192
    • excision - too many item variations