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Skin Check WA Warwick
1/26 Dugdale Street
Warwick WA 6024
  • Free Onsite Parking
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About our appointments
  • Our clinics are busy especially during the warmer months, with many of our doctors booked more than 3 months ahead for full check appointments. Many of these are booked by our regular patients from the year before.
  • Cancellations and rescheduling of these booked appointments occur daily.
  • We highly recommend online booking as less errors occur with transfer of information and confirmation of booking.
Book these appointments via the HotDoc online system below
  1. Full Skin Check (via HotDoc)
  2. Spot Check (via HotDoc)
  3. Result Disussion (via HotDoc)
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How to use our HotDoc online booking
  • The "Next Available Appointment Time" refers to the an appointment of ANY type. It may not be the appointment type that you are seeking.
  • Please choose the appointment type first then search for the appointment availability.
  • A full check appointment can be booked up to 7 months in advance.
 How to book a Result Discussion appointment on HotDoc
  • Special times are reserved for this appointment type for patients returning to discuss their results
  • Choose Result Discussion as the reason
  • Screenshot below
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 Warwick Clinic HotDoc Booking