You might be wondering if a spot or a mole has changed. Sometimes it is difficult to be sure. The truth is you know your skin probably better than anyone else. If you suspect a change, then it is a good reason to have it checked by a trained doctor with dermoscopy.

Dermoscopy is a scientifically proven skin cancer examination technique. It is now the world’s standard in early detection of skin cancers, in particular, melanoma. Without this technique many moles will need to be excised to prove that they are benign(not cancerous).

Some people are a little embarrassed to show us a spot that concerns them, as if we may see it as trivial. It is never a trivial matter for us to assess a spot, however small and insignificant it may look. We have diagnosed melanoma at 2mm across in size. That is just a little larger than a pin head. At such an early stage, melanoma can almost certainly be cured completely.

This lesion below looks deceptively normal but dermoscopy shows this to be an early Basal Cell Carcinoma. As it was detected early, treatment was effective and curative, much to the relief of the patient.

A 2mm BCC on the side of the nose

BCC imaged on dermoscopy

What you should know:

If you can notice a change in a spot a cancer may be growing. This is when you need to act. Just remember that small cancers can be easily cured, whereas we all know what can happen when delays occur.

If you notice a changing spot, ACT NOW and see a doctor trained in dermoscopy. If necessary, a simple biopsy can be performed immediately without delay.

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