Western Force Takes on Skin Cancer

Western Force Takes on Skin Cancer

In July 2014, the West Australian based Rugby Union Club, the Western Force, decided to offer all staff and players a skin check and contacted SKIN CHECK WA. Arrangements were made and the day duly arrived as the Club began  turning up for their scheduled appointments.

To say that the staff and doctors at Skin Check WA were a little bit excited would be a slight understatement. Like most West Aussies, they were caught up in the excitement of the Super Rugby Finals that the Western Force was about to play in, and the devastating news that Nick Cummins the Honey Badger had just agreed to terms with a Japanese Rugby Club and would be leaving the Western Force.

However, it was no time to be bedazzled by superstart rugby players. The Western Force knew that skin cancer in it’s many forms is a serious issue facing Australians, especially those that work outdoors. Of course, Rugby is played outdoors in all kinds of weather,  be it pouring rain or blazing sun, and applying sunscreen is not always an option. So like any good employer, the Club took a proactive stance on the matter.

Without going into details, for privacy reasons etc, there was a very positive result from all the checks, with nothing more than a “Let’s keep an eye on this spot” or two to be reported and we hope for similar results next year… both with the Skin Checks and the team getting into the Super Rugby Finals.

Oh, and for those of you wondering, yes, Henry and Howard both got their photo taken with the Honey Badger.