If you have had skin cancer before, please don’t take this lightly – you are now in a high-risk category.

For example if you have had a recent BCC, the risks include:

• a 40% chance to have another BCC within 3 years.
• twice as likely to have a melanoma.

We stress that it is now very important for you to actively take steps to protect yourself.

Since you are now more prone to getting another cancer, catching the next one early becomes critical.

We highly recommend that you take advantage of the benefits we can provide with a professional skin check using our dermoscopy micro-diagnosis system. This has been redesigned from the ground up using cutting edge technology with the intention of detecting very early skin cancer – so early that often the changes are not obvious to the naked eye. Remember, early skin cancers can be cured.

If you have not yet experienced what this system can offer, ACT NOW and find out for yourself.