How we are dealing with Covid-19 at Skin Check WA

Covid-19 Coronavirus presents a challenge to every person, family, community and country in the world at present.

We recognise that tackling it means taking actions to protect each other, “Keeping Each Other Safe”

We have:

  • formed a dedicated Covid-19 Safety team.
  • implemented multiple layers of protection, with each reducing the likelihood of viral contamination, spread, and reducing the risk of Covid-19 infection occurring within our premises.
  • continued to provide essential skin cancer services where many hospital services have cancelled their clinics and operations.

Our Goals

  1. Provide a Covid-19 safe environment for our patients and our staff.
  2. Provide continuing skin cancer care in WA during the crisis, especially during service reduction at WA hospitals and many other public services. We have certainly seen first hand delayed diagnosis of skin cancers during the last lockdown in 2020.

Green Zone Policy

  • Our clinics will only allow a person inside if the person
    • IS WELL without any symptoms of a cold, cough or fever, and
    • HAS NOT VISITED any identified HOTSPOTS recently, and
    • IS NOT A CLOSE CONTACT with someone who is being tested for Covid-19.
  • This policy applies also to our staff, doctors and nurses. It means they are only fit to serve our patients if they are well.
  • In summary, only very low-risk persons are allowed to remain inside the Green Zone.

Please respect our Green Zone policy. You will be asked at multiple points. You must check prior to entry.

Minimising Your Touch Interfaces

  • Complimentary masks will be provided to all patients where required.
  • Where possible, doors have been or are being converted to foot-operated or automated
  • Inside the clinic, our staff and doctors will open the doors for you. There is no need for you to touch any handles.

Foot Operated Door Handle

Even our heritage rooms at Inglewood are getting modernised with foot-operated door handles, to reduce touch points.

Other Touch Surfaces Are Disinfected After Every Use

  • We recommend you utilise our online booking, and online new patient registration process.
  • Where this is not possible, or time does not permit, items such as pens and boards you use are disinfected between uses.
  • Our EFTPOS system is either contactless or disinfected after every use.

Social Distancing Before Your Appointment

You can choose from:

  • the waiting rooms positioned to follow the social distancing rule of 1 person per 2m2.
  • the open verandah in some of our clinics.
  • the comfort of your cars. Just make sure you let us know when you have arrived. We will call you when the doctor/nurse is ready for you.

Waiting Room With Appropriate Social Distancing Measures

Social Distancing When Interacting With Our Staff

  • We have installed clear screens so you can be safe when dealing with our receptionists at closer distances.
  • During all other interactions with our staff, nurses or doctors, they will be wearing masks to reduce droplet spread.

Clear Screens To Add “Distancing”

Complimentary Hand Sanitiser Use

  • Alcohol sanitisers are provided for your use at entry and at any time you wish to disinfect.

Minimising Droplet In The Air

  • During lockdowns and heightened risk periods, all doctors, nurses and staff wear masks within the green zones.
  • This includes during any examination and interaction that you may have with us.
  • If you suffer from hay fever, asthma or other causes of non-viral cough. We will gladly provide you with a complimentary mask during your visit.

Staff Health Status

  • We believe that as health professionals we have a responsibility to remain healthy, so we do not present a risk to our patients.
  • Each of us is taking the utmost precautions both in and out of work.
  • Each of us will only present for work when 100% free from respiratory illnesses.
  • Even our daily cups and cutlery are individually protected to reduce contamination!

Questions or Suggestions?

  • Covid-19 in Australia is a fast-changing situation. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.
  • Email us at if you have any comments or suggestions.

UPDATED 31/1/2021