Alannah Hill raises skin cancer awareness after diagnosis with melanoma on toe

Alannah Hill raises skin cancer awareness after diagnosis with melanoma on toe

Recently Australian fashion designer Alannah Hill disclosed that she was diagnosed with a melanoma on her toe. It was a chance finding by a doctor after she kicked and broke her toe on a skirting board. We need to thank her for deciding to go public with her diagnosis and her journey with treatment. Fortunately it was detected early.

In her own words “I thought my little freckle was just a freckle getting bigger. But it was the first signs of a melanoma – which is a sign to go and get checked.” My message is simple. No matter how small your little mole is, no matter how insignificant it looks, go to your doctor and get it checked”

We wish her the best in her recovery and hope that she can return to her love of fashion design very soon.

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You may ask, what does a melanoma on the toe or the foot look like?

Fortunately they are not common.  However this also means that they are often missed unless carefully examined with dermoscopy in a comprehensive skin check.

Here are some examples.

This one below resembles a wart or a small sore, but in fact is an early melanoma.

Since it was detected early by one of our doctors, early and conservative treatment was performed by a skilled plastic surgeon with excellent result below.

This one below is a much larger melanoma with classic features of asymmetry, irregular borders and multiple colours. It is more advanced than the one above. With today’s technology and expertise, we want to encourage all Australians to seek detailed assessment much earlier rather than wait for a melanoma to grow to this size.